How to Koha Backup Restoration (Restore)

Open Terminal on your Koha System and applying following command.
sudo apt-get update

1. Remove the existing database and Create the new database in the new Koha installation

Login to SQL  database user

sudo mysql -uroot -p

[Enter the your MySQL Root password]

Remove your default database for example koha_library

drop database koha_library;

Create the new existing database (Fro example koha_libpowertech)
create database koha_libpowertech;


2. Backup Restoration

  • Copy your database backup from your pen drive to koha home folder.
  • Extract the backup file, the extension will be .sql
  • Then restore the old backup to the new Koha installation.

Database Restoration commands,

sudo mysql -uroot -p koha_libpowertech < koha_library.sql

[Enter the your MySQL Root password]

koha_libpowertech - name of database in new installation
koha_library.sql - name of database in old installation

3. Upgrade Database Schema

Database schema of old Koha should upgrade to match with the new version. 

Apply following commands in a terminal one by one,

sudo service memcached restart
sudo koha-upgrade-schema libpowertech

[Your Database Name]

4. Rebuild the Zebra Index.

Apply following command in a terminal,

sudo koha-rebuild-zebra -v -f libpowertech

[Your Database Name]

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